This page under construction.  Check in for more FAQs over the next few weeks!

What is a patent?

At it's most basic, a patent is the granting of rights to an inventor.

How much does intellectual property work cost?

Unfortunately, each case is different.  Some matters are handled on a flat fee basis meaning there is a one time charge and you will not be charged any more than the one time fee.  Other matters are billed hourly to the client, usually after paying a retainer in advance of beginning the legal work.  These are questions that we usually answer, or at least give someone a general estimate for, during our free consultation.

Do I have to do all of this in person?

No many matters can be handled online and by phone, we usually do not need you to come physically into the office for all meetings.  We have many out of town clients, and though some cases do require a physical appearance for court proceedings or other matters, we will not require you to travel to Nashville unless absolutely necessary, and we work to accommodate your work schedule whenever possible.