Patent protects people from using, making and selling your inventions without permission.

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Trademark protects your name and artistic or business identity.

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Copyright protects your expressions, such as artistic works like songs, books, or poems.

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What Is Intellectual Property Law?


Intellectual Property Law is the area of law that protects your identity, expressions, and inventions i.e. Trademark law, Patent Law, and Copyright Law.  Each area is related in that it helps protect your name, art, and the work product of your ideas which is different from things with a more physical element such as real property.  Each area has its own rules, procedures, and tools to protect your property.

Some intellectual property lawyers practice in all three areas and some in just one or two areas.  For example, an attorney must be admitted to something called the "Patent Bar" in order to practice patent law, which protects expressions such as music and art.  An attorney does not have to be admitted to the patent bar to practice in the area of Trademark, which is the type of law that protects band names or business names.


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