Regus sues WeWork over Patent Infringement

Even large companies have to deal with trademark issues.  In something that may affect many entrepreneurs and small business owners in Nashville, Regus is suing WeWork for trademark infringement (as well as other things) over its use of the words “HQ” in its new business line.  Both Regus and WeWork have a large presence in Nashville and are used by numerous companies, businesses, and professions (including lawyers) as a means of keeping costs down while still maintaining a physical presence.  This is interesting because HQ is normal shorthand for headquarters and is a phrase commonly used in regular language, which is why WeWork is suing to invalidate the HQ mark Regus is claiming WeWork has infringed. has a good article with more details if this trademark issue affects you.  You can read it by clicking HERE or cutting and pasting this link into your browser:

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