Estate of Steve McQueen Sues Ferrari of Name Use (Interesting Nashville Trademark News)

The estate of deceased actor Steve McQueen has filed a trademark suit against Ferrari in a California Superior Court regarding Ferrari’s use of the McQueen name on specialty vehicles.  Per the article,

“Plaintiffs and the rest of the McQueen family were shocked when they learned, in 2017, that Ferrari had, without notice or authorization, begun marketing and selling a special-edition Ferrari that Ferrari entitled ‘The McQueen’ and that Ferrari marketed through use of Steve McQueen’s persona.”

The McQueen family now seeks an injunction against Ferrari and the award of all profits from its use of the Steve McQueen name and likeness, in addition to statutory damages of $2 million, compensatory damages of no less than $1 million and punitive damages. The suit also seeks the destruction of all the advertising and promotional materials associated with Ferrari’s usage of the likeness and name.

Another great example of why you should check and see if something is trademarked BEFORE you start using it!

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